open source KVM and console management

What is okvm?

The okvm project has developed open source console and KVM management software - and open source KVM hardware. The goal of the okvm project is to enable users to build custom remote control appliances that meet their particular access and management needs.

The okvm Console Manager subproject enables system and network managers to securely control the IT infrastructure in their data centers, and remote sites. A console server built with okvm software delivers secure in-band and out-of-band access to the serial console ports on the servers and network appliances at these sites. These ports can be controlled from management stations on the local network or across the internet.

The okvm KVM over IP subproject set out to develop a fully open source KVM over IP technology alternative. A dev kit was developed with open source hardware and software, however it did not find traction in the developer community. So kits are no longer available and development in this branch of the project has stopped.

OKVM development sponsored by Opengear